SLTB-TPU in Beijing-China participation of Ceylon Tea promotional event in Tianjin-China

Ceylon Tea Promotions in Tianjin-China 18.01.2023

Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing was invited to participate at the annual event hosted by the M/s. Warner International Gold Club in Tianjin-China. Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Tea Promotion Unit in collaboration with Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing participated at the event with the objective of promoting the Sri Lanka as a preferred destination for travel in upcoming Chinese festival season and promotion of the finest Ceylon Tea among the high end Chinese consumers who are members of the golf club. The event was held on 18th January 2024 in Tianjin Province, China.

Tianjin Province: Tianjin is a major port city in northeastern China, a strategic location near Beijing, known for its historical significance, modern urban development, and economic importance.

The Minister/Deputy Chief Mission of Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing Mrs. Poornima Gunasekara officially addressed the gathering by mainly focusing on Sri Lanka Tourism with Ceylon Tea. The information on Sri Lanka tea industry and the practical experience on Ceylon Tea tasting conducted by the SLTB TPO in the evening tea session allocated for promotion of Ceylon Tea.

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