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Welcome to the official website of the Sri Lanka Tea Board - the apex regulatory and administrative body of the Sri Lankan Tea Industry.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board comprises representatives from both private and government bodies involved in the industry, including cultivators and manufacturers, traders, exporters and plantation employees. We act as the catalyst of growth for Ceylon Tea, the country’s principal and most popular export, by facilitating trade and business, propagation and creating awareness, encouraging research and innovation, and by supporting the creation of a forward thinking and progressive national policy framework.

Tea sales Auction Sale income increased by 43% Regal In local auction Rs 104 Billion were recorded up to end April 2023 while it was Rs 73 billion during the same period last year.
Tea exports Exports Revenue increased by 58% Regal Exports revenue recorded Rs 140 billion end April 2023 compared to Rs 89 billion during same period last year.
Tea Production Tea production grew up by 7% Regal Monthly Tea production in April 2023 recorded 25 Mn Kg when compared to 23 Mn kg in April 2022.

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Ceylon Tea Symbol of quality

Ceylon Tea Symbol of quality

The Logo is owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and globally trademarked. The Lion Logo on your pack of tea is a guarantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka. To ensure what you buy is Ceylon Tea, look for the Lion Logo.

Application & Guideline For the Use of Lion Logo
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Facts and Figures

Some important Facts and Figures for all those in the Tea industry

Tea Statistics

Tea statistics are derived at the tea auction run by Tea Brokers.

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Sri Lanka Tea Board updates tea prices on a regular basis. The prices are for different grades, elevation and regions.


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Tea Commissioner Division

Tea Exports Division

Tea Promotion Division

Laboratory Division

Tea Tasting Division

Subsidy Scheme Tea Commissioner's Division

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Our Divisions

Tea Commissioner’s Division

The Tea Commissioner’s Division of the Sri Lanka Tea Board plays a pivotal role in regulating the core functions that relate to the cultivation, manufacturing and quality development of tea.

Registrations, renewals and monitoring of tea manufacturers and factories
Registrations, renewals and monitoring of tea manufacturers and factories

Tea Promotion Division

The Promotion Division of the Sri Lanka Tea Board is responsible for defining, promoting and protecting the image of Ceylon Tea across the world.

Undertakes a wide variety of activities including advertising, promotion and public relations
Represents Sri Lanka and Ceylon Tea at international trade fairs and other important industry events

Tea Export Division

The Tea Export Division of the Sri Lanka Tea Board provides a multitude of important functions with the power vested upon the SLTB by the Tea (Tax and Control of Exports) Act no. 16 of 1959

24/7 operations and joint investigation on Tea consignments at Sri Lanka Customs Exports Facilitation Center (EFC)
Issuing of G.M.P certification for exports to Iran

Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical Laboratory facilitates the testing and certification requirements of the Sri Lankan Tea industry on the quality assurance of Ceylon Tea.

Carrying out tests in accordance with accepted ISO International standards
Advising, monitoring, inspecting and guiding to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in Ceylon Tea.

Tea Tasting Division

The Tea Tasting Division is responsible for assessing the quality of Ceylon Tea prior to the auction and export.

Its panel of independent Tea Tasters undertake the evaluating, comparison and the assessment of teas imported into Sri Lanka.
Registration of the Lion Logo which is a symbol of quality.

IT and Statistical Division

The IT and Statistical Division acts as the single, convenient point of access to comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date information relevant to anyone involved or interested in the Tea industry in Sri Lanka.

Gathering grower, manufacturer and market information through a wide network of sources
Exchanging information with the International Tea Committee

Administration Division

The Administration Division is responsible for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all Human Resources Management, Human Resources Development activities and general Administration functions of the Board.

Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for the overall financial control and management of the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Other major activities of the Finance Division is the preparation of financial policies for the Board, preparation of annual budgets, annual financial statements, monthly accounts and periodic reports, inventory maintenance and annual verification and submission of annual accounts to the Auditor General.

Internal Audit

Purpose of the Internal Audit division is to enable the internal audit functions effectively and efficiently to allocate its Financial, Administration and Human Resources to meet the expectations of the key stakeholders such as Government of Sri Lanka, Tea Factory Owners, Tea Estate Owners, Tea Traders, tea sector workers, and Publics in Sri Lanka.

Ozone Friendly Logo

Ozone FriendlyPure Ceylon Tea

All tea grown in Sri Lanka is now one hundred percent ozone-friendly. So the next time you reach for a cup of Ceylon Tea, remember that you're also protecting an environmental resource critically important to all life on Earth.

Application For the Use of Ozone Friendly Logo
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Stake Holder organizations

Stake Holder organizations an affiliated to Sri Lanka Tea Board

The Sri Lanka Tea Board Closely working with several Stake Holder Organizations to ensure the sustained development and growth of the Tea industry.

Colombo Tea Traders Association

An Association commenced in 1894 represented by sellers and buyers together with brokers and largely responsible for the conducting of the weekly tea auction a function seconded to them by the Sri Lanka Tea Board since 1975. CTTA is an affiliated member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Planters Association of Ceylon

The oldest plantation body representing the interests of the plantation sector and today it is the main industry acting as the voice of the Regional Plantation Companies.

Colombo Brokers Association

An Association comprising of the 8 brokers licensed by the Sri Lanka Tea Board under the licensing of the Produce Brokers Act No 9 of 1979

Tea Exporters Association

An Association set up in 1999 to represent the interests of the tea exporters. It has been registered with Registrar of Companies under Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 as an association.

Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association

Set up in 1990 to represent a larger number of the Private Tea Factory Owners who are mainly responsible for the manufacturing of green leaf supplied by the smallholders and larger growers.


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