IT and Statistical Division

The main objective of the IT and Statistical Division of the Sri Lanka Tea Board is to act as the single, convenient point of access to comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date information relevant to anyone involved or interested in the Tea industry in Sri Lanka.

The Division gathers grower, manufacturer and market information through a wide network of sources including the Board’s seven regional offices, each representing one of the seven tea-growing ‘districts’ of Sri Lanka, the Colombo and London Tea Auctions, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and, of course, the other divisions of the Board itself. Routine information from the Regional Offices is updated real time via the Board’s internal data network.

The division also exchanges information with the International Tea Committee, of which the Sri Lanka Tea Board is an Associate Member.

Information collected and analyzed by the Information Technology Division is published as a series of monthly, quarterly and annual reports. These are circulated throughout the Sri Lankan Tea industry and are also available online. In addition, the Division maintains the Tea Sector Database containing information on production, exports and sales.

Timely industry and market data are supplemented by a wealth of historical information in the form of old Tea Reports and other documents dating back to more than a century. Much of this information is readily available at the Tea Board Library, housed at the Board’s Head Office in Colombo. The library also contains a plethora of books and other publications of technical and. general nature.

The division is also responsible for the maintenance and timely updating of this the Sri Lanka Tea Board websites. ( and