Internal Audit


Purpose of the Internal Audit division is to enable the internal audit functions effectively and efficiently to allocate its Financial, Administration and Human Resources to meet the expectations of the key stakeholders such as Government of Sri Lanka, Tea Factory Owners, Tea Estate Owners, Tea Traders, tea sector workers, and Publics in Sri Lanka.

Internal Audit division is also helps Tea Board to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes such as,

  • To determine whether controls provide reasonable assurance of effective and efficient head office and Regional office operations.
  • To determine that staffs are aware of the controls in place and complied with them.
  • All structure and resources used by management should enable the achievement of the Tea Board‘s objectives and intended results.
  • To determine whether controls provide reasonable assurance as to the accuracy, integrity and reliability at authority operations.
  • To determine whether controls provide reasonable assurance of compliance with relevant and other regulatory requirements in the areas of head office and regional offices operations.
  • Plan to guide efforts in achieving the organization’s objectives should be established and communicated.
  • Head office and regional office should conduct operations compliant with policies and procedures, including safeguard of asset’s information management and language of work, privacy and security.