Tea Promotion Division

The Promotion Division of the Sri Lanka Tea Board is responsible for defining, promoting and protecting the image of Ceylon Tea across the world.

The Promotion Division also conducts its own domestic and international marketing and promotional activities with respect to the product itself, supplementing and supporting the efforts of Sri Lankan tea exporters and brand owners.

The Division is the direct successor to the Tea Propaganda Board, an industry association which became active in 1932. This body was incorporated in the present Tea Board while the latter was established in 1976, bringing with it a wealth of experience drawn from nearly eighty years of successful operation. It was the Tea Propaganda Board that originally devised and gained global recognition for the brand identity of Ceylon Tea and established the well-known Lion Logo in the minds of consumers. Today the logo is synonymous with high quality Pure Ceylon Tea.


  • The Promotion Division undertakes a wide variety of activities including advertising, promotion and public relations on behalf of the Ceylon Tea ‘brand’ overseas.
  • The Division supports the advertising and marketing efforts of Sri Lankan tea exporters and brand owners in international markets, as well as non-Sri Lankan importers, distributors and brand owners who market unblended, Pure Ceylon Tea
  • The Promotion Division also represents Sri Lanka and Ceylon Tea at international trade fairs and other important industry events and forums
  • Two other very important functions of the Division include the managing of the Ceylon Tea Museum at Kandy, as well as managing the retail sales of its own and other leading brands of Ceylon Tea at its own Sales Outlet in Colombo.

International Network

Much of the activity of the division is conducted through a network of promotional offices connected to Sri Lankan diplomatic missions overseas. Key offices include those in Dubai, Moscow, and Beijing while other missions across the world also provide support through their commercial attachés and promotional operations.