Sri Lanka showcases the Ceylon tea brand at International Tea Day in UNESCO

Sri Lanka showcased its world-renowned Ceylon tea brand at the International Tea Day celebration at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on Thursday 29 June 2023.  The International Tea Day was organized by the UNESCO Community Association and the Franco-Chinese Cultural and Artistic Exchange Centre for the second consecutive year, bringing together tea enthusiasts, experts, and member countries of UNESCO, showcasing the cultural ties, health benefits and the economic potential of tea across the globe.


The Sri Lanka stand featured the country’s rich heritage in tea and culture with an exquisite collection of teas and tea products, with the sampling of Ceylon tea on offer.  The stand attracted a diverse range of international visitors including diplomats, tea enthusiasts and media.  The visitors had the unique opportunity to sample the many flavours of Ceylon tea and savour their aroma.


Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Sri Lanka to UNESCO Manisha Gunasekera welcomed the opportunity to showcase the renowned Ceylon tea brand at an international event displaying teas from across Asia, Africa and the globe.  She highlighted the cultural synergies binding peoples of diverse countries and regions together through the art and aesthetic of tea drinking which is in effect a lifestyle.  She also referred to new trends in the sustainable production of teas in Sri Lanka.


A videos presentation at the Sri Lanka stand took the visitors on a captivating journey across picturesque tea estates and tea trails. The presentations showcased the process of tea cultivation, and the artful techniques involved in the preparation of tea.  Media coverage of Ceylon tea was undertaken by Chinese as well as Central Asian television channels present at the event, as their audiences were ardent consumers of Ceylon tea.


The event served as a meeting point for tea lovers, fostering dialogue and cooperation among countries, including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam, and several others.


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